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Human Development & Childhood Studies

Human Development & Childhood Studies

About the Department

The Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies is an undergraduate department integral to studying Home Science. The course on human development imbibes a transdisciplinary approach through core papers on Lifespan development, Psychology and Sociology. Specialisations in the department of Human Development focus on Child Rights, Gender Studies, Childhood Disabilities, Early Childhood Development and Self Development and Wellbeing. The exploratory approach is emphasised and forms the basis of teacher-student dialogue at the department. Students are encouraged and supported to venture beyond the classroom to help understand complex theoretical concepts. Study visits, field trips, workshops and webinars, placements, surveys, and outreach activities help to demystify ideas that are often new and challenging.


At the Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies we believe that


           • Learning takes place both within and outside the classroom


           • Experiential learning is important to develop a sound understanding


            • Academic and professional experiences encourage students’ quest for knowledge


            • Multiple teaching methods add value to curriculum transaction


           • Connecting with the community is essential for education to be meaningful


The Departmental strengths include committed faculty whose professional and academic pursuits include guiding doctoral students, conducting research and contributing to academic writing and publication. The faculty members also share their expertise and skill through community outreach and intervention activities. Such activities encourage students to learn new skills and sensitizes them to diversity. The department is committed to preparing professionals who can successfully engage with multiple contemporary concerns and the changing global challenges through academics, research activities and community action.


Over the years, several Short-Term Courses have been developed and run by the department for students and other interested learners. The most recent ones have been on Understanding Learning Disability and on Early Childhood Care and Development. The department encourages students to develop their interests beyond the classroom. VOICES, a society to promote mental health and wellbeing has been set up by the students under the guidance of the department faculty.


AARAMBH, an Early Childhood Learning Centre which caters to children in the age group of 2-4 years with a day care facility for children between ages of 2-8 years has been established and supported by the HDCS department. This lab school contributes to the department curriculum by sustaining students’ experiential learning. The students gainzimmensely through the opportunity of a ‘hands on’ experience with young children at AARAMBH.


The Annual academic festival is another important highlight of the department of Human Development and Childhood Studies. Renowned speakers and experts are invited from various walks of life to provide enriching learning experiences to our students.



Career Avenues

Over the years, the career trajectories of students specialising in Human Development show a good transition from undergraduate to post graduate degree in Human Development and allied disciplines, B.Ed in Home Science and Special Education, PG Diploma in counselling. Many students successfully join master’s programmes at leading central universities such as Ambedkar University, M.S. University Baroda, TISS Mumbai, SNDT Mumbai to name a few. Our students also travel abroad to pursue post graduate degrees. Some are currently working at research positions at the Niti Aayog, MHRD, and at other government departments, with international and national not-for-profit organizations and as educators, counsellors, and special educators in schools. The department equips students to be part of child guidance clinics, to work with NGOs and research organizations and even to start early childhood education programmes. The student can also work in the field of content and curriculum development, e-resource development, and development of media for children.

Future Plans

As we move forward, the Department of Human Development and Childhood Studies is working towards expanding its outreach. For this we plan to:

          • launch a PG diploma on Learning Disabilities
          • establish a Centre of Excellence
          • initiate a learning centre for disadvantaged children
          • create opportunities for collaboration and skill development via MoUs with Government and non-

            governmental organizations

Job Prospects

The career opportunities available to students include working as educators, counsellors in schools and as special educators. The students are equipped to be part of child guidance clinics, to work with NGOs and research organizations and even to start early childhood education programmes. They can also enter into curriculum development, e-resource development and development of media for children.