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Fabric & Apparel Science

Fabric & Apparel Science

About the Department

The Department of Fabric and Apparel Science offers both B.Sc degree in Home Science (Hons.) and (Pass) as well as M.Sc. degree in Fabric and Apparel Science which is designed to cater to the needs of the textile and garment industry as well as the education sector. The course balances traditional textiles and design on one end, fabric and garment processing and quality control on the other end. The students are given extensive theoretical knowledge as well as practical input by way of rigorous experimental work, portfolio development and industrial training. The student of M.Sc. study papers on Advanced Fabric Science and Quality Assurance, Pattern Making and Apparel Production, Master pieces of World Textiles, Dyeing and Printing, and Marketing and Merchandising. The Department is well equipped with dyeing and printing facilities in the form of padding mangle, steamer, water baths and over 500 blocks and screens for printing. There is textile testing equipment as per ASTM and AATCC standards to generate technical reports as per the industry requirement. The Design Development Studio has Table looms and Colour study section with annual Design Forecasts. There are more than 50 pedal machines, specialized machines for handling knits and interlocking, as well as mannequins to study various aspects of draping and garment construction. Various field visits are planned throughout the year to Dyeing and Printing units, Garment Production houses, Museums and Textile fairs to assimilate practical experiences of the industry. Design showcase has become a regular feature of the Annual academic week. The Department also organizes workshops and lectures by professionals to encourage the students in generating novel areas of research. A two month long internship in design houses and textile testing labs provides opportunities to the students for industry placements. The two year long Masters programme culminates with an in- depth research and documentation in the form of a dissertation. The department has a very active professional relationship with organization like IIT Delhi, NIFT, Northern Indian Textile Research Association, Weavers Service Centre and various NGOs etc. The Department has undertaken research projects with organizations like UGC and DST, and is actively working with the Department of Microbiology in the area of Biotechnological application in textiles. The Department is also successfully running a short term course on CAD in Textiles.

Job Prospects

The students work in dyeing and printing houses, craft based NGOs, and in apparel production centre as designers, merchandisers or quality control supervisors. They also work in textile testing labs to generate technical reports and as business development managers in textile consultancy services. The students also get absorbed in the vast network of academic jobs at a fashion institute level, in private universities, in schools as well as in Government colleges.